Original Games

Introducing 3 Raccoons in a Trench Coat, the game that provides the ultimate in tabletop gaming experiences, the opportunity to play as one of 3 raccoons masquerading as a person by sitting on each other’s shoulders while hiding their true form in a trench coat.

Available is screen reading PDF, printable pamphlet format, and EPUB! at DrivethruRPG

It’s widely known that Saint Patrick famously drove the snakes from Ireland, what’s lesser known is that “snakes” was nothing more than a slanderous term for the original inhabitants of the island. The wee folk who used the dwell in the hills: The Faeries.

Bloody Shillelagh is a rules-lite RPG zine where you can take on the role of manacle leprechauns causing a little mischief on Saint Patrick's Day, the one day of the year that they can cross into our world from the Fae Realm. Of course for leprechauns “mischief ” could mean anything from playing particularly cruel pranks to cold-blooded murder. All you need is some friends, six-sided dice, and a desire to get into various forms of leprechaun shenanigans.

Presenting Nebulous: The Game of Incomplete Entities, an abstract role-playing game for two players. What is an ‘incomplete entity’? That’s a good question. An incomplete entity is an ill-defined being that seeks to define itself and gain an identity.

In nebulous you play as such an entity, defining yourself through your experiences with the ultimate goal of determining who (or what) you are?

In a game where you could be anything, what will you be? The only way to find out is to play.

Available via DriveThruRPG

Welcome to Punktopia, a tabletop role-playing game of absurdist adventure in a world gone punk!

Step into the dystopic punkrock paradise of Punktopia, where your biggest worry is how hard to rock... Also dealing with rival groups of punks, and of course the ever-present threat of attack from the anti-punk forces of The Man, who want to destroy Punktopia and the punks who call it home. 

Punktopia uses a simple rules-lite system that’s quick  and easy to learn, and designed specifically for fast-paced and flexible gameplay to accommodate whatever types of punkrock shenanigans you can get yourself into. Characters can be created and ready for punkventure in just a few minutes, with an option of five different punk archetypes like the rowdy Hooligan, boisterous Loudmouth, and mystical Punxomancer.

All you need is some friends, ten-sided dice, and most importantly, attitude! Okay, the other things are probably more important, but attitude is important too.